Here is the list of topics you can write about should you wish some extra writing practice.

Here is the template for your Listening Journal assignment.

Voici les grilles d'évaluation pour les langues vivantes.

Learn these words. The first 100 make up about 50% of all writing in English.


Here are some poems you can choose to recite. If you wish, you can choose one on your own that is not in the document.

News Apps

Here is a video that reviews news apps, and can help you to choose what is most interesting to you.®ion=video-player-region&WT.nav=video-player-region

This power point gives a lot of interesting information and a detailed analysis of Orwell's short story. You can use it to help you write your own presentation of the story.

Homework November 7th You can trace the kinds of jobs immigrants have, either by the job or by the nationality.