Governing the United Kingdom Since 1945

Homework September 8th. Please answer the following questions by watching the videos indicated on the assignment document. Short answers are just fine.

For an excellent review go to the following link

For a fun and irreverent look at the Scottish referendum, you can watch HBO's John Oliver by clicking on the following link


Please read the following Geofile.

The USA and the Construction of Power

Here are the questions for the three page extract of an article about the end of the cold war.

Please read the following Geofile and list two examples from each section, economy, military, culture, geography.

This timeline contains more information than you need to know, but you can use it to remember key events that we have covered in class.

Please read the following document and write a few sentences summarizing the essential for the following categories: Vietnam and Cambodia, Arab Oil Embargo, major events under Carter, events under Reagan, events under George H. Bush, Clinton and business.

You need to know almost all of this vocabulary.

Homework Nov.30th or Dec. 1st.
Read the Geo Factsheet, beginning with the word Globalisation on page 2 until inequality on page 4. Write a series of 10 True/False statements to test the other students' memory.

HOMEWORK December 4 or 5th Look at the following two sites, one is nearly the same as the other, but some information is different; the second is the most recent. Write a paragraph that shows the ways in which Apple is a TNC.

HOMEWORK . Look at the following video and choose the two most convincing/interesting arguments that Professor Ghemawat makes and explain your choice. If for some reason you cannot find the link, you can find it by going to TED Talks and typing in his name or the title of the talk, "Actually the world isn't flat."

Please read the following Geofile. You do not need to print it out. Write 8 questions that will test the memories of your classmates. These questions should be about important points, not minor examples. The are meant to help other students decide what is important to remember.

Please read the following Geofile on India and write down some of the key points to help you with the subject of newly industrializing countries.

Here is the excellent powerpoint on McDonald's, presented in class by Claire, Marin, Pierre-Jean and Thomas.

You might find the following Power Point a bit technical but useful for remembering the role of governments and politics in globalisation. It is taken from an excellent site geared to IB students. The second Power Point shows the organizations and movements against globalization.

Please read the following document, especially pages 2 to the end for an overview of globalization, its causes and the North/South divide.


I highly recommend this episode of Naturopolis on Rio. It gives an excellent account of the physical geography of Rio and stresses its importance in the development of the city. It is a pleasant way to review and also learn about Rio from a new perspective. Here is the link


The New York Times has a series of videos about the Israeli Palestinian conflict that can be useful to help you understand the situation nowadays. Parts 1 and 3 are especially helpful.

Here is a great link to a series of 40 maps about the Middle East.

The most interesting for what we have studied are number,7,8,16,17,18,32,34
And answer the following questions.
1. By how much time did the Suez canal shorten the voyage from England to India?
2. How much of Europe’s oil passed through the Suez canal?
3. What did Eden do to show that Egyptian pilots were incompetent? Was it successful?
4. What country did Nasser receive aid from?

The watch the next video.
And answer the following questions.

  1. 1. What did Kruschev tell Israel, G.B. and France on November 5th, 1956?
  2. 2. What does G.B. ask of the U.S.A.?
  3. 3. What happened on November 8th, 1956?
  4. 4. In what year is the secret deal made public by Israel?
  5. 5. What does Ben Gurion agree to do for the British and the French?

And finally, the last.
And answer these questions.
  1. 1. What did Nasser oblige the British to do in 1956?
  2. 2. What countries did Nasser first ask for arms?
  3. 3. What country did he turn to after?
  4. 4. How did the Americans “punish” Nasser?